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Worcester's Residential Roofing Company

Tri-State Construction Co. has become Worcester's residential roofing leader by making the customer experience the focus of our process. In the high-risk industry that is roofing, you deserve the peace of mind that your roof will be installed properly, completed on time, and fit your needs and budget. Tri-State Construction has the experience, reputation, and expertise required for any size residential roofing project. Our customer-focused culture is reflected in our review ratings and our results.

Our clients have expressed their satisfaction with our residential roofing services in Worcester. When we asked them, they expressed that they were very pleased with our:

- Timeliness - High Quality Products - Care for My Property - Fair Price

This Is How Perfection Roofing Can Deliver In Each of These Areas:


With adequate labor and equipment resources, we are structured to efficiently service all types of roofing projects. Our staff is connected through a state of the art Project Management System where open communication is streamlined and highly efficient. Each job is completed in a timely and efficient manner with the customer informed at all times.

House After Roofing Modifications

Care for My Property

We focus on making the roof replacement process as least disruptive as possible to our clients. All crews are fully equipped with property protection gear, such as plywood and tarps, to leave your house exactly the way it was before they arrived, especially during the most destructive tear off phase. The protection, respect, and safety of your property are our company's top priorities.

Fair Price

As a leading account in top roofing suppliers and an experienced and highly efficient labor force, we fight hard to keep our costs low and transfer these efficiency savings on to our customers. Our mission is to gain an opportunity to deliver to our customers because we believe a positive referral is the bloodline of our business. As we value the opportunity to deliver on promises, a fair and competitive price remains a top priority in earning your business.

We want to be your roofer and make you a long-term referrer! Therefore, we will strive to have your job completed in a timely manner, using the best materials and methods available in the industry today, with due care and consideration for your property, and at the best price available in the market today.